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RX71 Precision Wirewound Resistor(RXJX)

It's wound with precision resistance alloy wire made of Karma, Ni-Gr-Al-Cu、Mn-CU、Si-Mn-Cu、Ge-Mn-Cu,with the characteristics of small dimension, high precision, small temperature coefficient and good stability, Applied widely to thermal,electronic and automatic instruments for precision valtage-dividing,current-dividing and sampling. Owing to its aluminium pakage,no-induction and section winding,it's also suitable for pulse circuits

Type Rated Power(W) Resistance Range(Ω) Precision(%) Temperature Coefficient(ppm/℃) Dimension(mm)
RX71-0.125 0.125 1-59k ±0.01
RX71-0.25 0.25 1-100k φ5×12
RX71-0.5 0.5 1-300k φ7.5×15
RX71-1 1 1-1M φ10×23

1、Orders can be make according to your special demands of temperature coefficient;the match difference is less than 2ppm/℃.please give clear indication when ordering.
2、The year-change rate of the resistor is less than 0.01%,the rate of the resistor wound with Mn-Cu wire is less than 0.005%.
3、When the precision higher than ±0.1%, it should be used in the state of lower power for its precision

RX12-2 Precision Wirewound Resistor

  with single-direction lead,vertical structure and no-induction winding,it is used easily on the PCB and pulse circuits,it has the same properties as RX71,but with smaller dimension.

Type Rated Power(W) Resistance Range(Ω) Precision(%) Temperature Coefficient(ppm/℃) Dimension(mm)
RX12-3 0.125 10-200k ±0.02
RX12-2 0.25 5-50k 5×7.5×12

1、RX12-2(R>100Ω),actual precision is up to 0.01%,please note when ordering.



Rated(W) Resistance Range(Ω) Dimension(mm) Precision
5 0.24-680 9.5×9.5×48



7 0.33-1.5k 9.5×9.5×35
10 0.51-2k 9.5×9.5×48
16 1-1.4k 12.5×12.5×63.5


Power Wirewound resistor
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