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[Wirewound resistor]   [ QJ44direct current double bridge ]
[Platinum thermal Resistance Thermocouples]
[Accurate metal membrane resistor ] >>> 1 2 3

Precision sampling resistance and shunt: adopting the precision manganin materials, with the strict aging technics, as the current-voltage transform for high precision electrical parameter tester. Compared with the ordinary current transformer and hall sensor, it has the advantages of real response, complete line output, small quotiety temperature, good overload performance, and simple use. Vertical and horizontal are both available.

Specifications: 0.001c, 0.005Ω, 0.01Ω, 0.02Ω, 0.05Ω, and 0.1Ω;
rated output voltage: 0.1V or 0.2V
Accuracy:0.01 grade or 0.02 grade

ZX110-113 Small changeable resistor box: adopting ZJXK switch and precision wirewound resistance, with excellent long time stability, widely used for the electricity mearsurment and other experiment in Factory, school, and scientific institute. As the precision adjusting resistance, current adjusting and partial pressure in DC circuit.

Type Range(Ω) Min stepping code(Ω) Left resistance&tolerance(mΩ) Size(mm)
ZX110 0.01-1111.1 0.01   240*90*98
ZX111 0-111111.0 0.1 12±5 280*90*98
ZX112 0-111111.1 0.01 14±2.5 320*90*98
ZX113 0-1111111.1 0.01 16±2.5 360*90*98

ZX110 ×100kΩ ×10kΩ ×1kΩ ×0.1Ω ×0.01Ω
ZX111 ×10kΩ ×1kΩ ×100kΩ ×10kΩ ×1kΩ ×0.1Ω  
ZX112 ×10kΩ ×1kΩ ×100kΩ ×10kΩ ×1kΩ ×0.1Ω ×0.01Ω
ZX113 ×100kΩ ×10kΩ ×1kΩ ×100kΩ ×10kΩ ×1kΩ ×0.1Ω ×0.01Ω
precision ±0.1% ±0.1% ±0.1% ±0.1% ±0.2% ±0.5% ±2% ±5%

*0.05 grade precision products are negotiated

ZJXK precision rotated switch is for meter switch, with high precision,complete sealed, and miniaturization. It adopts the novel transfroming structure, accurate and reliable orientation, samll operating force, and comfortable touch feeling. The swtich adopts the complete sealed structure, and need not maintain and clean after long time use, with stable and reliable performances. The switch pad adopts the DAP materials, with high insulation and excellent hot stability. The pressure-proof performance of switch is excellent and reliable.Burch adopts the silver material, so the contace resistance and the change are both small, the contact thermoelectricity potential is low,directly for mv grade signal transform. The switch can setup max 12 bits, the layers and knives are customized. The basic form is first connection then disconnection, and first disconnection then connection is also available,to resolve the problem that some voltage output meters forbids short circuit,and current output meters forbids open circuit.
  For precision electrician and electronic measuring meter, and for high level acoustics equipment in choosing and transforming the signals.

Main technical index:

Contact resistance: ≤0.002Ω         contact resistance change:≤0.0002Ω    Operatig force: ≤0.2N.m
Contact thermoelectricity potential:≤0.2uv/C   Contact curent: ≤0.5A       Life:≥100000 turns
Insulated resistance: ≥10000MΩ       Environmental temperature: -40℃-55℃  relative humidity: ≤90%-40℃

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