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its main products are sanitary materials, as heat wind bonding nonwovens
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We introduced the whole set of heat wind bonding and calender nonwovens production line, adopted the excellent ES compound fiber, and provided the heat wind bonding and calender nonwovens with excellent quality for your. In the production course of heat wind bonding nonwovens, it makes use of ES fiber's character, so it has the good pliability and feeling sense. The calender nonwovens have the advantages of high intension, smooth surface, and without fluff. The ordinary calender nonwovens have the rigid touch feeling and high agglutinated temperature. But our products adopt the 100% excellent ES compound fiber, have the even cotton net, pliability, puff, without sensitivity, comfortable touch, low agglutinated temperature, and etc. Waterproof, bacterium resistant, and other special function products are customized, with12-80g per square meters, and available width. The products are widely used in various sanitary napkin, wet towel, disposable surgical gown and cap, clothes liner, warm-keep materials, and etc.

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