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porcelain resistance

RX10 Low Resistance Value Precision Resistor

It adopts the 4-lead structure, which decreases the influence of lead resistance on resistance value to the lowest and is suitable for a sampling resistor in various great current circuits and the reference standard for low-value resistor measures.

Type Rated Power(W) Resistance Range(Ω) Precision(%) Temperature Coefficient(ppm/℃) Dimension(mm)
RX10-0.5 0.5 0.1-10 ±0.01
RX10-1 1 0.1-10 φ15×27.5
RX10-2 2 0.01-10 φ18×38

1、The highest precision of 0.01Ω-0.05Ω is ±0.05%.
2、The actual highest precision of 1Ω-10Ω is up to ±0.01%.
Please give clear indication when ordering

BZ3 standard resistance: resistance range 10-3Ω-105Ω, with 9 specs, mainly as the DC resistance standard in testing the elecrticity, the accuracy is 0.01 grade, the annual change is not higher than 0.002%, α≤±15ppm/℃. When the environment is between 15-30℃, the real resitance is equalled to Rt=R20(1+α(t-20)+ β(t-20)2).Before 0.001Ω and 0.01Ω resistance are used, add dry and pure transformer oil, to improve the stability of the resistance.

BZT high resistance standard standard is available, if need, with the specifications: 1MΩ, 10MΩ, and 100MΩ.

Type Rated Power(W) Resistance Range(Ω) Precision(%) Temperature Coefficient(ppm/℃) Dimension(mm)
RX70-0.25 0.25 1-500k ±0.01
RX70-0.5 0.5 1-1M φ12×21
RX70-0.75 0.75 1-2M φ15×27
RX70-1 1 1-4M φ15×27.5
RX70-2 2 1-5M φ18×38

1、Actual temperature coefficient≤±5ppm/℃, please give clear indication when ordering.
2、Orders can be made according to your special temperature coefficient. The actual difference ≤2ppm/℃,please give clear indication when ordering.

RX78 High-Resistance Precision Wirewound Resistor

With special wire and frame, the influence of currentleakage can be decreased to the lowest.Applied to various high-voltage and high-resistance electrical engineering metres and equipments

Type Rated Power(W) ㏑esistance Range(Ω) Precision(%) Temperature Coefficient(ppm/℃) Dimension(mm)
RX78-0.5 0.5 1M-8M ±0.02
±20 φ8×15.5
RX78-1 1 1M-10M ±50 φ11×23.0
RX78-2 2 1M-20M   φ11.5×39

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